Hand Reform

Hands often reveal our age, this is because most of us are better at taking care of the skin on our faces. As we age, our hands lose volume, resulting in prominent bones and veins. Sun spots caused by sun damage are also common.

Our Hand Reform treatment can take years off the appearance of your hands. Dermal fillers are used to revolumize the hands and IPL lasers are used to treat dark spots. Fillers last variable amounts of time depending on the type of filler used, to decide which one is best suited for you, come in for consultation with our experienced injectors.

The details

TECHNOLOGY: Dermal filler; IPL laser

BENEFITS: Treats the loss of volume; treats pigmented lesions; promotes collagen formation

IDEAL FOR: Anyone who wants younger looking hands

SCHEDULE: The number of IPL sessions needed will depend on the degree of sun damage; on average, 2-3 sessions are required

ANESTHETIC: Topical cream

RECOVERY: Significant swelling expected for 48 hours post treatment

RESULTS: 2 weeks

COST: Client dependant

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