P Shot

The P Shot is a Health Canada-approved treatment designed to enhance sexual function, increase sensation, and improve the appearance of the penis. The muscle, nerves and tissue are regenerated with the injections of platelet rich plasma (PRP), derived from your own blood to stimulate cells, collagen, and blood vessels.

Most men will experience improved function after one treatment, with new growth occurring over 12 weeks. Results last one to two years and are dependent on genetics, quality of platelet rich plasma, and average number of orgasms. The goals of your treatment will be discussed at your consultation, allowing us to determine the number of injection sites and the best approach for maximizing the results of your treatment. 

The cost of your consult will be used towards your treatment.

The details

TECHNOLOGY: Your own platelet rich plasma

BENEFITS: Possible improvement of erectile dysfunction, length and girth of penis, orgasm intensity, and overall enhanced sexual function

IDEAL FOR: Men looking to enhance the appearance and function of their penis

PROCEDURE TIME: 45 minutes


RECOVERY: Minor bruising expected

RESULTS: Optimal results in 1 month lasting for one year; best results with three treatments

What our clients have to say

“I was initially very scared but also very intrigued to try out this treatment because who am I kidding, all guys want their package to be bigger and feel more pleasure. After treatment, I was a little bruised but followed the Doctors instructions to use the penis pump twice a day for ten minutes at a time. I started noticing results within two weeks post treatment and I was quite astounded with the change in girth and length as well as the pleasurable feeling once climax was hit. I proceeded to do the second treatment and the results just got better. I definitely would recommend this treatment for anyone wanting a change down !”

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