Prolotherapy is an established treatment technique used
to deliver concentrated dextrose into an injured area. The dextrose helps transiently inflame and then stimulate the healing and repair of damaged tissues. It is also used to decrease pain and improve function. This procedure has been used on many patients and the risk of adverse events is low. The procedure may initially make the pain worse before improvement will be noted. This treatment may
improve or cure symptoms.

Prolotherapy is an appropriate therapy when conservative
measures fail for treating ligament, tendon, muscle, joint
trauma, osteoarthritis, or injury resulting in joint laxity,
instability, dysfunction, and pain. Dr. Lachman
has years of experience relieving patients of pain with this procedure.

The details

TECHNOLOGY: Concentrated dextrose mixed with xylocaine

BENEFITS: Reducing pain and improving mobility caused by dysfunction of
ligaments, tendons, muscles, and joints

PROCEDURE TIME: 60 minutes

SCHEDULE: Customized for client complaint

ANESTHETIC: Topical optional

RECOVERY: Some bruising at the injection site

RESULTS: Studies suggest a success rate greater than 50% improvement in
the pain level for 80-90% of all patients.

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