The Salt Facial

Looking for a natural treatment that gives noticeable results? This triple therapy treatment is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

This facial starts with a detoxifying salt exfoliant and is followed by a nourishing, ultrasonic massage with custom serums. The facial is completed with customized LED light therapy which helps calm inflammation, treat acne, stimulate collagen, and reverse sun damage.

This facial yields immediate results with no downtime.

The details

TECHNOLOGY: Salt exfoliation, Ultrasonic serum treatment, LED light therapy

BENEFITS: Calms inflammation; treats acne; stimulates collagen

IDEAL FOR: All genders

PROCEDURE TIME: 60 minutes

SCHEDULE: As desired

ANESTHETIC: This facial is painless and enjoyable

RECOVERY: Depends on depth of exfoliation; customizable

RESULTS: Immediate


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