Some Like It Hot!

It’s normal to find ways to improve your sex life. Want to learn about something new and cool?

You’ve read the entire series of Fifty Shades of Grey, and even seen the movies.

Maybe you’ve grabbed the t-shirt from the floor next to the bed and blindfolded yourself or your partner.

Happily, it’s become much more mainstream to look for ways to improve your sex life. Somewhere in the crush of parenting, work, and elder care, we’ve recognized the need to make space for ourselves and our relationships. We’ve become more comfortable talking about our desires.

If you’re lucky, the fix is as simple as scheduling an uninterrupted night of romance, or maybe a trip to the family doctor to deal with a physical concern. But sex is complicated. It’s a mix of psychological and physiological needs and desires that have to be in near-perfect harmony. If things aren’t working for you in the bedroom, there are lots of options to explore. 

Form offers sexual health treatments for both men and women to enhance sexual pleasure.

Dr. Corinne Paterson is a gynecologist who has been practicing in Winnipeg for over ten years. At Form, she offers radiofrequency treatments for a variety of gynecological concerns including sexual dysfunction, stress urinary incontinence, genitourinary syndrome of menopause, mild-moderate pelvic organ prolapse, non-surgical episiotomy scar revision, non-surgical reduction of labia, and treatment of vulvar laxity (external loose skin). These treatments can offer significant improvement in quality of life, and may be used in combination with other modalities like physiotherapy and hormone replacement.

Dr. Leon Waye is family physician who is highly experienced treating a variety of sexual health concerns. Specifically, he performs the P-shot, a Health Canada-approved injection treatment. It is designed to enhance sexual function, increase sensation, and improve the appearance of the penis. The muscle, nerves and tissue are regenerated with the injections of platelet-rich plasma (PRP), derived from your own blood to stimulate cells, collagen, and blood vessels. Most men will experience improved function after one treatment, with new growth occurring over 12 weeks. Results last one to two years and are dependent on genetics, quality of platelet-rich plasma, and average number of orgasms. 


Overall health includes sexual health.

People want satisfying sexual experiences and are ready to redefine sex and aging. At Form, Dr Paterson and Dr Waye believe that sexual health is important to overall health. They and their team provide a welcoming environment to discuss all concerns, with personalized and inclusive care.


Say it with me: it is okay to talk about sexual health. Pain-free and enjoyable sex is possible. If you’re interested in exploring how to improve this area of your health, book a consultation to find out about your and your partner’s options. You can both thank me later.

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