Triton Laser Hair Removal

by InMode

Remove unwanted body hair with the world’s first and only simultaneous multi-wavelength hair removal system. Triton works on red, gray, white, blond and dark hair, with more powerful follicle destruction and fewer treatments than traditional methods. Thanks to built-in cooling plates, Triton is also the most comfortable laser hair removal system available.

The details

TECHNOLOGY: Dual wavelength laser

BENEFITS: Greater results with fewer overall sessions; softer, smoother skin

IDEAL FOR: All skin types and hair textures

PROCEDURE TIME: 15 to 45 minutes, depending on size of treatment area

ANESTHETIC: Topical cream optional

RECOVERY: No sun exposure before or after for 2 weeks

RESULTS: Can vary from person to person, consult practitioner

COST: Depends on size of treatment area $50-$500 per session

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